Preventive health training

In principle, everyone wants to grow old, but being old is usually associated with numerous ailments. What can you do yourself to prevent age-related health problems and diseases in general? The four-day training programme at the Acinipo Health Resort is based on this question.

The demand for preventive health care has grown in recent years. People who want to get the most out of life and live in good health as long as possible can take advantage of Anti-ageing & Life-extension Health Care. However, a check-up without health advice and the accompanying support is not enough. Therefore, the training programme includes the following components.

Training program:

1Customised education

The training programme has a major focus on education. The underlying causes of diseases are discussed in intensive workshops. The different forms of toxin loads (both internal and external) are addressed in detail. The five essentials of life are explained and emotional burdens and how to deal with them are also covered. Finally, the ‘basic laws of life’ are addressed, with awareness and purpose going hand in hand. Who am I? How do I want to design my life? These are important questions in the context of health prevention.

2Health Chart

Charting the client’s health is an important component of the training programme. Standard medical history questionnaires are used to record the client’s basic information. Supplementary information is obtained through various forms of examination. The results obtained from the combination of diagnosis and examination produce a chart on which we can read how healthy the client is and which issues he or she can work on. These areas for improvement are discussed with the client in detail.


As we grow older, both the quantity and quality of our hormones declines. Metabolism varies greatly from one individual to another and is determined mainly by whether the activating (sympathetic) or the relaxing (parasympathetic) part of the nervous system is dominant. Genetic factors play an important role in this and can be positively influenced by healthy changes in our behaviour and lifestyle (Epigenetics). Which measures can we take to turn back the clock of ageing and improve our metabolism?

4Customised health advice

An individual step-by-step health plan is developed on the basis of blood and urine tests and the results on the health chart. This plan includes specific dietary advice (customised nutrition & food intolerances), personal medication advice with regard to various dietary supplements, pre-probiotics, herbs and enzymes (personalised medicine) as well as natural dietary supplements and glandulars.

5Detox programme

The detox programme is based on step-by-step detoxification of the body following the methods used in Natural Medicine. This involves various techniques from Gerson Therapy as well as Dr. Kremer's Cell Symbiosis concept®.

6Living food & Norwalk juicer

Living food, organic and unprocessed whenever possible, is an important component of the training programme. The diet plan is based on specific combinations of freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, made using professional juicers. Calorie restriction and short fasting periods also play an important role in the strategic plan to combat the symptoms of ageing.

7Learning by doing

Education and practice should go hand in hand. From helping out in the kitchen and juicing organic fruits and vegetables yourself, to practising the different cleansing methods (such as enemas), everything has to be practised carefully. Breathing exercises and simple meditation exercises are also part of the programmes.


The primary aim of the training programmes is to increase the client’s health awareness through education and practical demonstrations. 

Another aim is to teach practical skills, which are necessary in order to improve the client’s health condition. By understanding the whys and hows, the client becomes more motivated to change his or her habits or behaviour and takes more responsibility for his or her health.


When the client thinks everything over on the way home, he or she must be able to reproduce the most important facts and put the skills learned into practice the following day. Basic matters such as a daily schedule, times for getting up and going to bed, daily rhythms, buying organic food, cooking, juicing, cleansing methods, dietary supplements, breathing, sports and exercise, meditation, mindfulness and inner self-reflection are part of the daily routine.


In summary, this training programme provides a compact basic ‘healthy living’ manual for the health-minded, which enables them to put the knowledge and skills gained into practice at home. The training programme is concluded with a small exam to test whether the client has a sufficient command of the knowledge and skills.

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