Doctor & Team

Wilko van der Vegt was born in Ommen on 29 August 1964. He earned his medical degree from Utrecht University in 1991. He studied natural medicine, orthomolecular medicine and Gerson therapy (Certified Gerson Practitioner) at the same time. He then specialised further in homeopathy, heliopathy (for which he spent years providing seminars in German-speaking areas), neural therapy, radiesthesia and bioresonance therapy. After that, he studied Dr Heinrich Kremer’s Cell Symbiosis® concept and Gonzalez enzyme therapy (metabolic typing).

Since his student years (1989), he has run a consultative practice as a doctor of Natural Medicine in Ommen: The practice focuses on the treatment of chronic illnesses as well as preventive examinations. From an early age, he has had a passion for ‘healthy living’ and the development of an innovative health concept centred on teaching and practising health through self-knowledge. Inspired by years of practical experience, seminars and lectures and various educational trips, he purchased a country estate in the mountains of Andalusia (Spain) in 2007. A health training and demonstration model was gradually developed in this location, and the Acinipo Health Resort was born. Over the years, Doctor Van der Vegt has put together a team of specialised doctors, nurses and therapists who help provide the training programmes. Other specialists, ranging from lawyers to architects and from accountants to online marketing experts, are also closely involved. The Acinipo team is responsible for the organisation and the experience around the health training programmes and demonstrations.

The production of freshly-squeezed vegetable and fruit juices also involves a lot of work and responsibilities. The optimisation and care of the different gardens with medicinal herbs, vegetables and fruit requires a great deal of time and attention. Added to this is the maintenance of the landscape through permaculture.

All of this is for the benefit of the health experience. In today’s 24-hour economy it is important to create a sense of calm for any individual, regardless of whether he is ill nor not. It is the only way of being able to visualise being healthy again, and allowing the deep memory of the beauty of the simplicity and sincerity of nature to rise to the surface.

The Acinipo Team invites you to follow one of its training programmes and will warmly welcome you to the Resort as its personal guest.

Team members

Wilko van der Vegt
Founder / Naturopathic Physician
Inge van der Vegt
Coordinator, Mental Coach, NLP
Annelien van der Vegt
Hostess, Chef de cuisine
Antonio Calle
Niels Rientjes
Operational / Online marketing expert


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