Health training for the chronically ill

Wounds normally heal by themselves. If someone breaks a leg and the surgeon sets the bone, the fracture heals itself within a few weeks to months. Likewise, when flu strikes, we simply let it run its course. So why is it that nowadays so many diseases become chronic and are no longer self-healing?

The answer to this question provides insight into the underlying causes of diseases in general. Why do we get sick and what can we do to reverse the disease process? The four-day training programme for the chronically ill focuses on answering these questions. The unique training programme has been developed following years of research and experience. Over a period of four days, the different components of the training programme give the participants insight into the concepts of ‘health' and ‘disease’. 

Training program:

1Health Chart

Charting the client’s health is an important component of the training programme. Standard medical history questionnaires are used to record the client’s basic information. Supplementary information is obtained through various forms of examination. The results obtained from the combination of diagnosis and examination produce a chart on which we can read how healthy the client is and which issues he or she can work on. These areas for improvement are discussed with the client in detail.

2Step-by-step health plan

Based on the results achieved on the health chart, an individual health programme is drawn up: the step-by-step health plan. It is a map with signposts, refuelling stops and a navigation plan with a final destination. The plan consists of recommendations concerning both detoxification and strengthening the body by means of various cleansing methods (enemas), as is customary in Natural Medicine (Gerxon & Gonzalez link). Results are also achieved through a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle and natural medication. Clearly formulated objectives and personal motivation complete the programme.


Determining the client’s metabolic type is an important part of the health chart. Metabolism varies greatly from one individual to another and is determined mainly by whether the activating (sympathetic) or the relaxing (parasympathetic) part of the nervous system is dominant. The hormonal balance, digestive capacity and genetic predisposition also play a role. Even personality type can influence an individual’s metabolism. Understanding and adjusting the personality can have a positive influence on the metabolism. 

4Living food & Norwalk juicer

Living food, organic and unprocessed whenever possible, is an important component of the training programme. The diet plan is based on specific combinations of freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, made using professional juicers. The diet can vary significantly from one client to another. 

5Detox programme

The detox programme is based on step-by-step detoxification of the body following the methods used in Natural Medicine. This involves various techniques from Gerson Therapy as well Dr. Kremer's Cell Symbiosis concept®.

6Learning by doing

Because people learn best by doing things themselves, clients are trained in different exercises and methods. This includes various cleansing methods (enemas) and detox techniques, breathing exercises and physical training using rebounders (mini-trampolines), as well as simple meditation and mindfulness techniques. Learning to cook with herbs from the garden and juicing fresh juices are a practical component of the training programme. 


The main aim of the training programme is to restore the client’s prospects for the future and the hope that his or her health will improve. It is essential for the client to realise that all healing is self-healing. Therefore, the client must learn to get in touch with himself of herself, by stimulating the senses and by learning all kinds of practical skills. The individual’s connection to his or her heart is restored.


The intended result is to regain self-respect and self-confidence. This leads to peace and tranquillity, which are essential for making the right decisions regarding the client’s health situation and in implementing the practical health instructions. 


In summary, this training programme provides a compact basic ‘healthy living’ manual for the ill, which enables them to put the knowledge and skills gained into practice at home.

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