Vision: Teaching and practising health through self-knowledge

People can only get to know themselves better by becoming aware of the natural and spiritual laws of life. People can only make the right decisions in life with self-knowledge. Who am I? What suits me? Which foods are suitable for me?

Health and life can only be understood on the basis of the understanding and realisation that a person is far more than his physical body and brain. Am I my brain, or do I have a personal soul in addition to my body, accompanied by an individual spirit? And what does this have to do with my health? Answering these questions also gives us insight into the underlying causes of disease in general. Education, information and practice with regard to the universal basic laws of life reinforce the connection to the heart (the essence of human life) and increases the ability to self-heal. The inner healer takes the lead, providing advice and insight and enabling the individual to act independently. Bringing ‘emotion and reason’, the ‘good and the true’ back together enables the individual to act in a loving and selfless manner again. He regains his creativity in constructive and useful matters and projects.

The Acinipo Health Resort gives people the opportunity to become aware of nature and its laws. Simply staying at the resort and experiencing the atmosphere encourages people to develop and implement their good intentions. As the current situation is unable to meet the demand and requirements, a project is in progress to change the zoning plan of the resort with permits for additional rooms and hotel facilities. There are also plans to build a large shed with solar panels, which will be used, among other things, to process and store sun-dried herbs, in accordance with the Heliopathy (sun cure) technique. These herbs and heliopathic remedies are used in the training programmes and cleansing programmes.

The remaining land is gradually being cultivated. Permaculture is being used to cultivate different parts of the estate in phases with the establishment of organic fruit orchards.

The ultimate goal is to create a self-sufficient health training centre and demonstration model for healthy living to serve as an example for the current health care system and the outside world in general. The Acinipo Health Resort serves as a pilot for similar projects with the same mission, vision and values in other parts of the world.


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