Goal: Development of an autonomous health training and advice centre

By giving lectures, seminars and workshops in the Netherlands and the German-speaking areas of Europe, it is possible to inform many people about ‘health and living’ simultaneously. This knowledge about the basic laws of life is essential in order to remain healthy. It is equally important to practise and to learn how to apply this knowledge in real life. The current health care system does not provide any solutions in this respect, making practical health training and advice centres in ‘healthy places’ essential.

Therefore, the Acinipo Health Resort offers two types of training:

1. A training programme for the chronically ill. Besides education and practical demonstrations with exercises, there is particular attention for the individual recovery plan of the training programme participant. This is called the ‘step-by-step health plan’. Click here to read more about the training.

2. A training programme for people interested in health for prevention reasons. Within the programme there is a significant focus on metabolic typing and using this as the basis for determining the right diet for the client (customised nutrition). There is also a lot of attention for methods to grow old healthily (anti-ageing & life-extension) and the use of natural hormones/glandulars, if applicable. Click here to read more about the training. 

The ultimate aim is to enable the participants in the programme to convert their newly acquired knowledge and insights on healthy living into practical skills. Learning to integrate the five essentials of life (oxygen,  water, food, sunlight and exercise) and learning to deal with the polluted outside world by cleansing and fasting at set times. 


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