Mission: Demonstration model for healthy living

Thirty years of practical experience have shown that the chronically ill have a great need for hope, prospects for the future and belief in health improvement. But the memory of ‘being healthy’ has faded or more or less disappeared due to the setbacks and long-term illness. Stimulating health using all the senses and demonstrating this in every aspect of life restores the memory of ‘being whole’ and activates the individual’s ability to self-heal. It’s all about ‘seeing is believing’ and ‘learning by doing’.

As my ‘passion for healthy living’ is my personal mission, from a young age I have tried to inspire people in practice to learn about ‘the good and truth in living’ and to live their lives accordingly. By purchasing the estate and creating the Acinipo Health Resort I want to enable people to join me in my experience of what a healthy world should be. The beauty and simplicity of nature brings out everything that is good and true in people. It inspires and encourages people to develop themselves further and to align themselves with the harmony, sincerity and beauty of nature, in order to subsequently share their newly acquired knowledge, insights and skills with family, friends and all others in need of help.


  • “Teach and practice health through self-knowledge.”
  • “Change the world, change yourself.”


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