General information

1Can anyone follow the training programme?

In principle, anyone can follow the training programme, provided that there are no major health-related factors that make the trip and the stay a risk for the participant.

2For which symptoms is the training programme successful?

The training programmes are not intended for acute symptoms or situations, but for the improvement of the general state of health. This applies particularly in the case of chronic symptoms and/or diseases, for which it essentially makes no difference which specific disorder is concerned. A certain degree of benefit can be achieved in all cases thanks to the health-improving measures. 

3How long to I have to continue to follow the programme at home?

The essence of the health training programme is a permanent lifestyle change based on self-knowledge and insight into the ‘basic laws of life’. Simply following the healthy recommendations provides a sense of peace, order and regularity and thus the desired result.

However, pleasure in the programme is important. Take a relaxed approach to the programme. It is not a matter of having to do anything, but of voluntarily following and training healthy habits and ways of thinking.

4Will my insurance cover my expenses?

In the Netherlands not many insurance companies will cover the costs of the programme. Some international insurance companies are prepared to cover a large proportion of the costs once specific information is provided.

5When can I expect my situation to improve?

Unfortunately this is impossible to predict beforehand, because every situation is different. Usually, mild detoxification reactions, such as headache, muscle pain, skin rash, change in odour and consistency of urine and faeces, flu-like symptoms and emotional changes, occur after following in the training programme for 3 to 4 days. These reactions can generally be interpreted as normal reactions. They are the first signs of recovery. The reactions mentioned are normal in Natural Medicine. They can be regarded as an initial worsening, followed by gradual improvements.



  • “Diseases leave the same way they came.”

6Iím not ill; can I also follow the training programme preventively?

Prevention is a very good reason for following the programme. It also enables people to help family, friends and other people in need of help. 


  • “Success is contagious.”


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